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I chose to evaluate and rate Quick Trim’s advertising and how they use Lean-Washing to entice the public into purchasing their product. On the scale of one to five I rate this advertisement as completely inauthentic. It misleads the consumer to believe they can get the body they always wanted by simply taking a pill, which will help them burn calories while having more energy too. Quick Trim leads the consumer to believe that this product is good for them because it will ‘flush’ out all the toxins their body is holding onto. By strategically wording this advertisement consumers automatically associated toxins with the word ‘flush’ therefore making this seem like a beneficial product for their body in the long run. Secondly, Quick Trim has Kim Kardashian endorsing their product. She is a celebrity known for her voluptuous figure that men all over the world admire and women want. They were smart to choose her but they did so to make it appear that you too can have a figure like her if you take this supplement. In reality, her body is the way it is not because of Quick Trim, but because this is who she is!


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