Taco Bell Cantina bowl

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The commercial is very unrealistic and it does not fit the quality of food that is served to you at Taco Bell. The kitchen in the commercial is nothing that is used at any Taco Bell, and they chose to pay an actress with an accent to make her seem more credible for cooking this food. There is nothing factual that supports the quality of the ingredients, it is just mentioned that the product contains; "beautiful ingredients, amazing black beans, and beautiful marinated chicken". How does a food become beautiful and what good does it provide the consumer?


The commercial only focuses on the visual appeal of the product and nothing to do with the benefits of its nutrients and "beautiful ingredients". They deceive the consumer by paying an actress with an accent to maker her seem credible for cooking this foreign food, as well as place her in a kitchen filled with very nice appliances and utensils that are not used in Taco Bell.