The Scarecrow

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Not only is this ad's artwork beautifully designed but it is a moving piece on the growing issue of developing a more dietary health conscious America. Most importantly for its advertiser, without a hint of branding, this ad is a clear symbol of who Chipotle is and what they stand for, simply stated..fresh and quality food ingredients. Essentially it is a captivating home run for Chipotle!


3.6[email protected]’s
While Chipotle's animated short is a beautiful piece of art with an innovative storyline, at the end of the short, I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended). It seems like a cynical attempt to increase sales by making it feel as if Chipotle is the only company that offers natural ingredients. While Chipotle is certainly not the worst food one could eat, it's certainly not the best. I'm also skeptical because Chipotle is pronouncing themselves as natural, while no other government organization or association backs that claim up. Overall, I'm impressed only by the art direction, rather than the messaging.

1.5[email protected]’s
In the ad, chipotle is stating their policy for their food and environment. You can find on their website that they "treat their animals with dignity" and are naturally raised and that is what the ad shows. It's not saying it is the healthiest choice.